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(1) All admitted students must reply to accept the offer, complete the new student survey and download the NSYSU Letter of Acceptance before the due date. The admission spot will be given to applicants on the waiting list if admitted students fail to reply before the due date.

(2) Students who have received the NSYSU Letter of Acceptance must submit the following documents before the semester registration deadline:

a. The highest-level diploma and transcript in Chinese or English authenticated by R.O.C. Embassies, Consulate Offices, Missions Abroad or by other Notary Institutes authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C. in the country of the issuing university. (These documents will be returned).

b. Students who graduated from a Taiwanese university must submit their diplomas and transcripts in Chinese, and further authentication is not required.

c. All students must provide proof of personal health insurance or proof of National Health Insurance (NHI). (At the time of registration, a new international student shall present proof of a medical and injury insurance policy, which is valid for at least 6 months from the date the student enters Taiwan). Please be aware that the personal health insurance certificate obtained overseas must be authenticated by the R.O.C. Embassy, Consulate Office or Taipei Economic & Culture Office in the country where the student resides.

d. All students are required to acquire an "Alien Resident Certificate" (ARC) and submit a copy (both sides) to the Office of International Affairs before October 31st, 2024 (for Fall Semester) or March 31st, 2025 (for Spring Semester).

(3) Academic year: August 1st ~ July 31st

Fall semester: Mid-September ~ Mid-January

Spring semester: Mid-February ~ Mid-June

(4) All students should complete their registration according to these regulations. Failure to complete the registration procedure is regarded as forfeiting admitted status.

(5) Students who completed five-year high school (i.e., a program combining high school and junior college) must take extra credits and subjects in accordance with respective department graduation requirements.


If the submitted documents are found to be forged, fraudulent or altered, etc., students’ admitted status will be canceled, or students’ registered status will be revoked; no degree certificate will be given.